What we do

At VS Consulting Engineers, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of expert services in the field of structural engineering and drafting and we excel in providing creative and efficient solutions for a wide range of projects, from residential to commercial and industrial. We combine the latest industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to ensure the structural integrity and safety of your designs.

Our Services

Structural Engineering

Structural Analysis and Design

Our structural analysis and design services are the backbone of your project’s stability and functionality. We employ cutting-edge technology and software to analyze and design structural components that meet or exceed industry standards.

Foundation Analysis and Design:

A strong foundation is essential for any construction project. We conduct thorough foundation analysis and design, taking into account the specific needs of your project, to ensure long-lasting stability.

Seismic Analysis and Design

In regions prone to seismic activity, it’s crucial to design buildings that can withstand earthquakes. Our seismic analysis and design services focus on creating structures that prioritize safety during seismic events. We incorporate advanced engineering principles to mitigate seismic risks.

Wind Analysis and Design

Wind can exert significant forces on structures, particularly in high-wind zones. Our wind analysis and design services ensure that your project can withstand these forces without compromising safety or aesthetics.

Retaining Wall Design

We have a strong track record in creating outstanding retaining wall designs for residential and commercial projects. Our cost-effective solutions ensure safety and stability.

Single & Multifamily Design

We offer structural design services for a range of residential structures. For apartments, we prioritize safety and efficient space utilization. In single-family houses, we focus on personalization, safety, and durability. In multi-family houses, we combine structural soundness with cost-effectiveness for comfortable, multifamily living spaces.

Renovation, Retrofitting and Rehabilitation

At VS Consulting Engineers, we have a strong track record in the enhancement of existing structures through renovation, retrofitting, and rehabilitation. Our comprehensive approach includes structural upgrades to enhance safety and compliance, historic preservation to restore the unique character of historical buildings, adaptive reuse to transform old spaces into functional, structural remediation to rectify safety issues, and seamless additions to existing structures for enhanced functionality and aesthetics. We are dedicated to breathing new life into the past while shaping a more sustainable and dynamic future.

Specialty Structures

  • Industrial Facilities
  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Sports Complexes
  • Specialized Equipment Support Structures
  • Sign Board Design

Drafting and CAD Services

Drafting services play a fundamental role in the world of design and construction. It is the art and science of creating detailed technical drawings and plans that serve as the foundation for any building or structure. These drawings are essential for architects, engineers, builders, and various industries to turn concepts into reality.

Architectural & Structural Drafting

Our dedicated professionals blend creativity and accuracy to convert design concepts into detailed plans, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

2D and 3D Modeling

Our 2D and 3D modeling expertise brings designs to life, providing a comprehensive view of your project

Construction Drawings

We offer construction drawings that serve as the foundation for successful construction projects.



Residential living involves individuals or families occupying various housing structures, from single-family homes to apartments and condominiums. It shapes both the physical environment and community dynamics, profoundly affecting individuals’ daily lives and their sense of belonging.


Industrial refers to economic activities associated with the manufacturing and production of goods. It encompasses processes such as fabrication, assembly, and the utilization of machinery on a large scale. Industrial activities play a pivotal role in economic development, job creation, and the production of goods that meet societal needs.


Commercial activities involve the buying and selling of goods and services for profit. This sector encompasses a diverse range of businesses, including retail, hospitality, and professional services. Commercial enterprises contribute significantly to the economy by fostering trade, providing employment opportunities, and meeting consumer demands.

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